Cleaning Student Union Shared Space

Ongoing Campus Cleaning & Safety

Southeastern’s staff and partners have created new cleaning protocols which include increased frequency. Building spaces that have high levels of person-to-person interaction on a daily basis have been modified with barriers and signage to minimize physical contact and ensure social distancing is followed. Some of these modifications include sneeze guards, social distancing decals, and limiting the number of individuals allowed in a particular space at one time.

A routine cleaning protocol has been developed to ensure high traffic or high touch areas of campus are cleaned throughout the day as students, faculty and staff return.

Southeastern has also installed multiple systems in key areas on campus that help to disinfect surfaces and minimize airborne pathogens throughout the day.  These include Troffer Systems, Ultra HEPA filter systems and Bipolor ionization technology.  Detailed information on these systems can be found in the COVID-19 Safety Guide.




Cleaning Fountains
Cleaning Computer Lab


Cleaning Door Handles