Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board is a direct avenue to an exciting variety of entertainment. We sponsor outdoor activities, as well as lectures from prominent speakers. Add into this mix the Miss Southeastern Pageant, Movie Nights, Comedians and numerous special events, and you have CAB. 

(All events are free unless stated otherwise)


Learn more about CAB! Swipe -> #rushcab #findyourroar #getinvolved #freestuffDo you love events like Gumbo Yaya, Strawberry Jubilee, and Puppy Pawlooza?? You can help these events and many more happen by joining our committee!! The CAB committee is a free organization to join that offers experience in event planning, leadership, and team building! Get involved this fall by coming to our interest meeting on August 27 @ 5 P.M. in the student union commons area!! Can’t wait to see you there & Lion Up🦁💚Our Miss Southeastern, Chelsey Marie Blank, is off competing for the title of @misslouisianaorg this week! Wish her luck and follow her journey at @misssoutheasternDo you follow us on Twitter @southeasterncab #freeevents #itsfree #howmuch #free