Detailed Resume Assistance

Resume Format Guidelines and FAQs by Category

Learn all you need to know about how to write a resume! This document includes formatting guidelines as well as helpful answers to frequently asked questions about resume content.

Top Five Resume Mistakes 

Mistakes on a resume are viewed by employers as more than just an oversight of the job seeker. Be sure to double check your resume against the information detailed here.

Tailoring your Resume

Employers want to see that you have the ability to communicate what you have to offer to their organization. This exercise will allow you to easily compare your past experiences with the qualifications sought by your prospective employer. 

Action Verbs and Adverbs

Action verbs and adverbs are recommended for starting all statements on your resume. The action verbs and adverbs should replace complete sentences/pronouns such a "I" and add "power" to your resume.

How Do I Say?

Not sure how to phrase the experience you gained from your cashier position or babysitting job on your resume? Here you will find examples of ways to rephrase your various work experiences using terminology employers like to see. 


Job search portfolios are gaining popularity as a means of distinguishing yourself from other job candidates. Learning how to create a job search portfolio will allow you to better represent your skills, accomplishments, and qualifications to employers. 

Walk-in Resume Reviews

In lieu of a traditional hour-long appointment, take advantage of our Walk-In Resume Review Hours. A quick 5-10 minute review of your resume will be provided by our career counseling staff. You MUST bring a hard copy of your resume with you - please reference the resume assistance information to prepare. Click on the above link for the specific walk-in hours offered at this time. 

Email Resume Reviews

Our Email Resume Review Service is convenient to your busy schedule. To prepare your resume,
look at the Resume FAQs and the Sample Resumes on this page and create/modify your resume following the format and content recommendations and examples.
 Please create or save your resume in Microsoft Word, then email it to Our career counseling staff will conduct a general review of your resume and email you with suggestions. The wait time you will experience varies depending on demand, so don't wait until the last minute to email your resume if you're facing an application deadline!

NOTE: Resumes will be returned if format and content guidelines are not met, and you will be asked to review the format and content information, linked above, before your resume will be reviewed.


Cover Letters & References 

Cover Letter Assistance

The guidelines found on this page will help you put together your own individualized Cover Letter. 

Sample References

The guidelines found on this page will help you develop a References Page.


Once you have reviewed the resources found here and prepared your resume using these guidelines, our Career Counselor is available to review your resume and provide you with some final suggestions and feedback before you submit it to an employer. Contact our office at (985) 549-2121 or email for more information. 

Appointments with a Career Counselor for resume services are available to Juniors, Seniors, Master's Students, and Alumni only.