Student & Alumni Services

Map Your Career

If you aren't sure of how to begin your journey toward employment, here is a good place to start. Career Services can assist you in defining your interests, grasping your strengths, and identifying careers that coincide with who you are as an individual entering the job market. Check out our online resources for information on majors, jobs, companies/organizations, etc., or schedule a career counseling appointment to begin learning more about your own professional preferences.

Build Your Resume & Cover Letter

While you surely can't be defined by just a few sheets of paper, the content of your resume and cover letter can certainly affect the chances you have to showcase your talents and professional abilities to employers. Don't let your documents end up in the rejected pile. Learn how to present yourself in a way that captivates employers' interests so that you get the chance to impress them even more when they offer you an interview.

Ace the Interview

You've made it this far. The quickest way to ruin an interview is to approach it unprepared. However, you can easily quell your interview anxieties with preparation and practice. By doing your research and other preparation, you can master presenting yourself as an asset to whatever organization you're targeting and convince employers that you are undoubtedly the best pick for the job.

Find a Job

Unemployment got you down? Not anymore. Whether you're looking for a part-time job, an internship, or a full-time career, these resources exist to make your search for employment easier.

Master Professionalism

Exhibiting professionalism, both during the job search and on the job, can set you apart from the competition. Making some simple changes in attitude and behavior can dramatically increase your chances of landing the job you want – and keeping it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Go ahead and check them out. We've probably already answered your questions, but if we haven't, feel free to contact us at careerservices@southeastern.edu. We're here to help.