Career Assessment

Career Services offers career assessments to assist you in:

  • Exploring career options and choosing careers to target in your job search

  • Highlighting your skills and personality characteristics on your resume

  • Preparing for a job interview - see if you have what the job requires!


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can assist you in understanding contributions of your particular "type" to the work organization, your communication, leadership, and team work styles, and can assist you in choosing the best career "fit" within your field(s) of interest. 

For an online variation of the MBTI, please go to, and click on "Jung Typology Test," then on "Take Test." After completing the inventory, your answers will be tabulated and your four-letter "type" will be provided. For more information on the 16 MBTI types, including career insights and options, go to, and

The COPS Interest Inventory can assist you in clarifying fields of interest you may want to consider in your job search. 

Based upon your Myers-Briggs Type and your COPS Interest Inventory results, you will receive a list of career options which you can then research on the online resources (SIGI3, OOH, O*NET) described on the Career Exploration page. 

If you are interested in taking one or both of these assessments, schedule an appointment with our career counselor. Contact our office to make an appointment by phone at (985) 549-2121 or by email at


Appointments with a Career Services career counselor for career assessments are available to Juniors, Seniors, Master's Students, and Alumni only. Freshmen and Sophomores should contact the Center for Student Excellence (CSE) for career counseling and assessment services.