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Career Services offers on-line information resources designed to assist you in:

  • Exploring career options and choosing careers to target in your job search
  • Assisting you in composing your job descriptions for your resume
  • Preparing for a job interview - learn what the job requires so you can discuss how your skills fit!



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A career information resource developed for the US Department of Labor which provides occupational information utilizing various approaches, and allows you to conduct a skills search whereby you select the skills you already have or plan to acquire, and matches those skills with careers requiring them. This section defines each skill, which can be extremely useful information for developing the content of your resume/cover letter. 


Occupational Outlook Handbook

This US Department of Labor resource describes the tasks involved on the job, working conditions, the training and education required, salary, and expected job prospects for a wide range of occupations. Additionally, this resource allows you to search occupations tailored to your own career needs - you can search by a specific job title, categories of occupations, or you can view an alphabetical listing of all occupations. 


What Can I Do With This Major?

Use this resource to determine which careers are related to your major or your field of interest. For each major/field, an Information link takes you to common career areas, typical employers and strategies for seeking employment in that field. Links are also available for each major/field, and take you to websites with more information.